Tenth JCP mayor enters

In Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture, former Japanese Communist Party assembly member Nakasato Nagato was elected mayor on February 2 with 53 percent of votes cast, defeating the incumbent who sought his fifth term. Nakasato is the 10th JCP mayor.

At issue in the election campaign was whether a health and resort facility using sea weeds should or should not be constructed with the city funding 800 million yen (6.6 million dollars) on it.

Nakasato argued that the wasteful resort facility need not be constructed, and that the city must improve welfare and living conditions for citizens.

* * *

In the February 2 local assembly elections, all 19 Japanese Communist Party candidates were returned in 10 cities and towns, including Yaizu City in Shizuoka Prefecture. (end)

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