Say 'no' to cuts in social services

Over 4,200 medical workers, elderly people, and family members of patients from all over Japan on February 3 converged in Tokyo to voice their opposition to the proposed adverse revisions of medical, pension, and nursing care services.

Hibiya Public Hall was full of participants. The people who overflowed the hall were listening to speeches through loudspeakers set up outside of the hall.

The recent moves were reported: the Japan Medical Association, which used to be a major base of votes for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, calls for a freeze on the adverse revision of the national health insurance system; and the four opposition parties, seeking a freeze on the backward revision, jointly submitted a bill to the Diet.

Participants all agreed that they are at a crucial moment over the adverse revision of social welfare services.

JCP House of Councilors members Inoue Miyo and Koike Akira also took part in the rally. (end)

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