JCP starts providing e-mail news to help develop anti-Iraq war movement

Immediately after the U.S. Bush administration started the war against Iraq, the JCP launched an online news service using e-mail to help increase the anti-war campaign among peace-loving people in and outside Japan.

The e-mail news service displays a lot of news of anti-war actions and comments sent from various parts of the world through e-mail. Some of them are given below:

* I'm now recuperating at home. I pondered for some time what I can do to stop the war. Recently, I have begun putting up hand-written posters beside my mail-box.

* When I was on a business trip to Hamakita City in Shizuoka Prefecture on March 20, a hand-written banner saying, "XX Plantation is against the war on Iraq" caught my eye. It was on a window of a farmhouse facing the highway. The plantation owner said,"Flowers and war cannot coexist. Flowers look most beautiful only when the world is in peace."

* Since February 14, I have never gone out without wearing an "anti-war" cloth, either on foot, by bicycle or motorcycle. Some car drivers waiting for traffic signals honk in solidarity.

* I thought of initiating an open movement in which anyone can join. I prepared a 15-meter-long sheet of paper connecting some pieces of imitation Japanese vellum, and have been asking passers-by to write a message of peace on it. (end)

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