NHK must stand for war-renouncing Article 9 in reporting Iraq war: JCP

The Japanese Communist Party in parliament demanded that TV reports on the Iraq war by public broadcast station NHK, which are in favor of the aggressor United States, be changed to ones based on Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution.

JCP House of Councilors member Hatta Hiroko in a committee meeting on March 27 cited writer Ikezawa Natsuki as saying "Exclusive reports at this stage on tactical moves of the aggressors endorse partnership in this illegal war." The JCP Dietmember said that reports should tell about the war as it really is, especially the actual conditions of the people under attack.

Many TV viewers complain that NHK reports only comment on U.S. war operations and movement of its troops.

NHK President Ebisawa Katsuji defended the reports, saying that they are aimed at "reporting from various angles on the use of force on which opinion is divided."

JCP Hatta said, "Reports on the war which determines people's life or death need to be based on the Constitution's Article 9. TV war reports should not be taken by the Japanese people as inflaming the Iraq war." (end)

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