Simultaneous local elections are struggle to end LDP-led upside-down politics: JCP Shii

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on March 29 said that the present simultaneous local elections are a vote on political parties' attitudes towards two major issues: the Iraq war and the destruction of people's living conditions.

Shii was at a news conference in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, as part of his speaking tour to help increase support for campaigns of JCP candidates in the local elections on April 13 and 27.

Shii criticized the ruling parties' silence on the U.S.-led war against Iraq, saying, "It's outrageous because they are supporting the war." He said, "This is an issue about the world order to be established in the 21st century for peace."

Shii also said that these local elections are a vote for the defense of people's living conditions. He said that the JCP will cooperate with a wider range of people in blocking the planned increase in insured people's payments for medical treatment.

The JCP chair emphasized the need to replace the Liberal Democratic Party-style politics that puts emphasis on large-scale development projects while cutting back public welfare services.

Pointing out that 34 out of 47 prefectural assemblies are dominated by forces which push ahead with such an LDP-style politics, Shii said, "I will continue to call on the people to vote for the JCP as the only political party capable of ending such misgovernment." (end)

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