North Korea's 'physical means of deterrence' is dangerous: Shii

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo has said that North Korea should abandon its reliance on its so-called "physical means of deterrence" and begin to build a peaceful relationships with neighboring countries to become a true member of the international community.

Shii made this comment in a cable television interview broadcast on May 1st. North Korea's recent assertion that it would arm itself with "physical means of deterrence" was one of the major international issues he dealt with in the interview.

North Korea in early April issued a statement saying, "Only a physical deterrence force, a tremendous military deterrent force powerful enough to decisively beat back an attack supported by any ultra-modern weapons, can avert a war and protect the security of the country and the nation. ... This is a lesson drawn from the Iraq war."

Shii, criticizing this statement, said, "They view a 'physical means of deterrence' as the key to their national security. But the biggest problem that hinders North Korea's security is their inability to maintain good relations with their neighbors in Northeast Asia and that is why North Korea is in isolation in the international community. This is precisely the problem that North Korea needs to solve for the sake of its security."

Shii also commented on the reported North Korean statement that it has nuclear weapons as follows:

"I think that North Korea is developing nuclear weapons, although I cannot say for sure that it really has nuclear weapons, but it did withdraw from the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty in January."

Shii pointed out that North Korea must be criticized for breaking its promise to the international community that it has neither ability nor willingness to have nuclear weapons.

"We must force North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons development program. To do this, the international community needs to peacefully persuade North Korea through diplomatic means," Shii added. (end)

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