Contingency bills are designed to support U.S. wars: JCP Fudesaka

Criticizing the government's contingency bills, Fudesaka Hideyo, Japanese Communist Party Policy Commission chair, stressed that these laws are aimed at supporting U.S. forces in combat zones. He was speaking at the House of Councilors special committee meeting on emergency legislation on May 20.

Fudesaka referred to the 1999 law "to deal with situations in areas surrounding Japan," which bars Japan's Self-Defense Forces from entering combat zones so that the SDF would not be integrated into U.S. military operations.

Fudesaka asked the government if the contingency bills would allow the SDF to go into combat zones when they are implemented in "a situation in which an armed attack on the SDF is predicted."

Defense Agency Director General Ishiba Shigeru answered that such matters will be discussed when a new bill in support of U.S. forces will be introduced in accordance with the contingency bills.

Asked if the government intends to remove restrictions on Japan-U.S. military integration in combat zones when armed attacks on SDF units are predicted and the contingency bills are invoked, Ishiba did not deny that such restrictions will be maintained.

Fudesaka pointed out that SDF support for U.S. forces, such as transporting and supplying of U.S. personnel, weapons, and munitions, are vital for U.S. operations. He also quoted a statement of Michael J. Green, U.S. National Security Council Japan-Korea section chief, who urged Japan to lift restrictions on Japan-U.S. "military integration."

The contingency bills, in essence, are focused to remove such restrictions on the SDF under the 1999 law to meet such a U.S. demand, Fudesaka stated.

Fudesaka also pointed out that SDF ships which had been deployed to the Indian Ocean under the 2001 anti-terrorism special measures law supplied oil to the U.S. aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk under the "Southern Watch operation" in the Oman Bay, which the U.S. forces designated as part of a combat zone. The Defense Agency chief gave an evasive answer claiming that the zone existed for assuring the welfare of U.S. personnel.

Now that the SDF actually has trampled underfoot the restriction of not going into combat zones, the real aim of the contingency bills is to lift the restriction by means of legislation, Fudesaka stressed. There is no alternative but for such bills to be completely foiled, he concluded. (end)

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