JCP 7th CC Plenum ends after unanimously adopting draft revised Party Program

The 7th Central Committee Plenum of the Japanese Communist Party ended its three-day session on June 23 after unanimously adopting the draft revised JCP Program to be submitted to the 23rd Party Congress in November.

About 50 proposals and opinions were expressed by CC members on the proposed revision, and about 30 were adopted for amending the draft. Central Committee Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo responded to these opinions and gave detailed explanations on each question raised. (see separate item)

Fuwa made the concluding remarks on the discussion of the draft, which the Plenum unanimously adopted, as well as the draft revised Program.

Secretariat Head Ichida Tadayoshi proposed convening the JCP 23rd Congress on November 22 with the following agenda items: the Congress resolution and the Central Committee report; revision of the JCP Program; and election of new CC member. The 7th CC Plenum approved this proposal. (end)

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