Fudesaka dismissed from JCP CC and resigns from Upper House

The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee Secretariat on June 24 announced the dismissal of Fudesaka Hideyo, Standing Executive Committee member, from the JCP Central Committee after he admitted to sexually harassing a woman. He will resign from the House of Councilors, the statement said.

The JCP in its 7th CC Plenum meeting on June 23 approved his dismissal in the light of the serious responsibility Fudesaka bears in representing the JCP as a member of the Standing Executive Committee and JCP Policy Commission chair, as well as House of Councilors member.

Fudesaka said he would apologize to the woman, quit party posts, and resign from the Diet.

The Japanese Communist Party Constitution in the section concerning the duties and rights of JCP members gives top priority to the "duty to respect civic morals and social ethics, and discharge their responsibilities toward society." (end)

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