High court orders Shiki mayor to allow teachers' union to use public hall

A high court on July 2 rejected the Shiki city mayor's objection and ordered him to allow the All Japan Teachers and Staff Union (Zenkyo) to use the city's public hall in Saitama Prefecture for its convention.

The mayor had canceled his initial permission, alleging possible disturbances from right-wing groups. The union filed a complaint with a district court, and the Saitama District Court on June 27 ruled that the cancellation be suspended. Dissatisfied with the ruling, the mayor appealed to the Tokyo High Court.

The high court decision basically supported the district court ruling that the union be allowed to use the city facilities. It stated that restriction should not be made on the freedom of speech and assembly on the grounds of possible disturbances by right-wing groups, and that adequate measures should be taken to deal with illegal activities of gangster groups.

Zenkyo on July 2 published a statement commending the high court decision. (end)

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