'Using tax money to take care of women with no children is wrong'

A series of anti-women remarks made by current and former cabinet members have disgusted the public.

On June 26, former Prime Minister Mori Yoshiro at a seminar in Kagoshima City stated, "The country appreciates and takes care of women who have borne many children. That is what welfare is about." He added, "It is wrong for the state to use tax money to take care of women who enjoy a free life without having any children."

At the same seminar, Ota Seiichi, former director general of the Management and Coordination Agency, commenting on recent gang-rapes by college students, stated, "Those who gang rape have virility. They are close to normal." This remark has become known throughout the country.

Referring to the rape referred to by Ota, Chief Cabinet Secretary Fukuda Yasuo "off-the-record" said, "Some women dress apparently to lure men. They are to blame. Men are like black panthers."

On July 7, 11 women Dietmembers from Japanese Communist, Democratic, and Social Democratic parties made representations to Chief Cabinet Secretary Fukuda over the anti-women remarks by those three LDP members, including Fukuda. (end)

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