Gensuikyo holds panel discussion on nuclear weapon abolition

The Japan Council against A & H Bombs (Japan Gensuikyo) on July 8 held a panel discussion about post-Iraq war international politics and the task of the abolition of nuclear weapons.

The panelists were Taher Farahat, minister-plenipotentiary and deputy chief of the Embassy of Egypt, the Minister of the Swedish Embassy, Karl Leifland, and Niihara Shoji, international affairs researcher.

Their discussion focused on two key issues for world peace: the peaceful resolution of international disputes and the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Leifland spoke about the importance of the NPT Review Conference in 2000 which adopted the final document pointing to the "unequivocal undertaking" of nuclear weapons states to accomplish the complete elimination of nuclear weapons.

Explaining Egypt's efforts to establish a non-nuclear Middle East, Farahat underlined the importance of the role of NGOs and grass-roots movements opposing nuclear weapons.

Niihara stated that international opinion opposing the U.S. military strategy that includes the use of nuclear weapons as well as calls for the elimination of nuclear weapons have increased. He emphasized the significance of the 2003 World Conference against A & H Bombs, saying that it will be an opportunity for representatives of the world's peace movements and governments to strengthen cooperation in a common effort to get nuclear weapons abolished. (end)

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