Fuwa explains draft revised JCP Program at speech assembly

At a public assembly the Japanese Communist Party held in Tokyo on July 18 to mark its 81st founding anniversary (July 15), JCP Central Committee Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo spoke about the major revision of the JCP Program which will be adopted at the JCP 23rd Congress in November.

Fuwa presented two major tasks facing Japan in the 21st century: Achieve true independence and national sovereignty, and overcome the weaknesses peculiar to the Japanese economy.

Referring to the Japanese government's response to the Iraq war and the lack in Japan of social rules to safeguard worker rights, Fuwa explained that the draft revision maintains and improves what the present JCP Program means by a democratic revolution.

Fuwa criticized the Koizumi Cabinet's "reform" policy for "propelling the engine in reverse" and stated that democratic revolution means a major social change to build a truly sovereign nation acting on its own and a society that respects the people's livelihoods and their labor.

Fuwa responded to criticisms of the alleged JCP concessions regarding its policy on the emperor system and the Self-Defense Forces.

In refuting critics who say that the JCP is anachronistic in its devotion to Marx, Fuwa presented two counter-questions: "Do they think today's capitalist society the ultimate form?" and "Do they regard Karl Marx as a bygone thinker?" Citing views on Marx expressed in a major U.S. weekly magazine, Fuwa drew attention to the fact that a quest for a new society as an alternative to capitalist society is beginning even in the United States, the stronghold of capitalism, as well as in former colonies in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

On future society, Fuwa said that the socialization of the means of production, the key to overcoming the "profit-first" principle, will provide a rich prospect for future social development. He said that the JCP envisages a society that is attractive because it allows individuals to develop their human potential to the full extent, coordinates the economy with environmental considerations, and operates with high efficiency.

Fuwa also emphasized that the JCP must work to develop into a party with high civic morals to earn strong public trust.

At the end of the meeting, Fuwa called to collect wisdom and strength in the struggle in preparation for the dissolution of the House of Representatives and a general election, stressing the need to make this political struggle the first step in achieving the JCP's tasks for the 21st century. (end)

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