JCP Dietmember calls on government to take action to prevent unnecessary deaths

A Japanese Communist Party Dietmember on July 16 requested the government to continue to urge utility providers to not stop the supply of gas and electricity to the needy even if they are unable to pay their bills at present.

Ogata Yasuo, JCP member of the House of Councilors, and Gaino Tokuji, the chair of the Tokyo Federation of Associations for safeguarding People's Life and Health, visited Hiranuma Takeo, minister of economy, industry and trade.

Last year, following a number of cases of deaths from hunger due to the cut off of electricity and gas, the government requested utility suppliers to refrain from discontinuing services for the needy who are unable to pay their bills.

In June, the Ogata office conducted a survey of utility service providers and found that there was progress in that most providers said they would delay the suspension of services until users could pay their bills. (end)

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