Minister Konoike denies children's rights

A state minister in charge of youth policy rejected the idea that juvenile offenses be dealt with in compliance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Minister Konoike Yoshitada stated this in answer to Japanese Communist Party Haruna Naoaki in the House of Representatives Cabinet Committee meeting on July 16. Haruna said that the U.N. Convention is an international consensus calling for the dignity of juvenile offenders to be restored, for their sense of values to be regained, and for their constructive social participation after their release. Haruna stated that Japan as a ratifying member is obliged to observe the Convention.

Konoike asserted that he as the minister in charge of youth policy cannot accept the Convention. Haruna said that the minister is not qualified to be in the position as he has no will to observe the legality of the Juvenile Law and the Convention.

Konoike recently drew criticism when he publicly stated that parents of a boy who committed murder should be beheaded. (end)

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