JCP and CPUSA normalize relations

The Japanese Communist Party and the Communist Party USA normalized their relations, which had been broken off since 1982.

Nishiguchi Hikaru, JCP International Bureau director, and CPUSA National Vice Chair Judith LeBlanc held talks on August 8 in Nagasaki City.

CPUSA National Chairman Sam Webb and International Department Secretary Marilyn Bechtel in a letter to JCP CC Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo and EC Chair Shii Kazuo had expressed their wish to normalize relations with the JCP.

The letter stated, "We wish to apologize on behalf of the Communist Party USA for attacks the CPUSA made on the class position and motivation of the Japanese Communist Party in the period leading up to the rupture of relations between our two parties."

The rupture of relations between the two parties was caused by an article written in 1982 by Gus Hall, then general secretary of the CPUSA, criticizing the Japanese Communist Party as "anti-Soviet, anti-working class and anti-Marxism-Leninism." (end)

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