JCP announces Lower House candidates

The Japanese Communist Party on August 21 announced a complete list of its candidates for the House of Representatives in the coming general election.

At a press conference in the Diet Building, JCP Chair Shii Kazuo stated that the JCP in the election campaign will call on a wide range of citizens to vote for a course good for Japan to take in the 21st century.

Asked about electoral cooperation with other opposition parties, Shii said that in order to establish cooperation between parties, it is inevitable for them to share basic policies as their responsibility to the electorate.

Shii added that opposition parties, including the JCP, are far apart on key issues, making their electoral cooperation less likely.

Japan's general election is a combination of single-seat constituencies and proportional representation. The JCP plans to put up 47 candidates in proportional-representation constituencies and 300 candidates in single-seat constituencies. (end)

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