Zushi mayor opposing construction of U.S. Navy housing units re-elected

Former Zushi Mayor Nagashima Kazuyoshi, opposing a plan to build more U.S. military housing units in his city in Kanagawa Prefecture, was re-elected on September 14.

Independent candidate Nagashima defeated contender Ikegami Teruko, who was backed by the Liberal Democratic and Komei parties.

After the central government agreed with the U.S. to construct 800 additional housing units in the U.S. Navy Ikego residential area that lies in Yokohama and Zushi city last July, Nagashima resigned and called for an election to seek public response to the agreement.

At the start of his third term of office, Mayor Nagashima stated, "The central government should consider the residents' judgment. As their representative, I will appeal to the government."

In support of Nagashima's policy against the construction plan, the Japanese Communist Party worked for his re-election during the election campaign. (end)

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