Shii talks with Communist Party of Cuba Political Bureau member

Japanese Communist Party Executive Committee Chair Shii Kazuo on October 4 received Jose Ramon Baraguer Cabrera, Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee Political Bureau member and International Department chief, at JCP headquarters in Tokyo.

Shii explained the recent achievements of the JCP's opposition party diplomacy in which it has developed relations with Middle East and other Islamic nations.

Pointing out that many countries in the U.N. General Assembly have expressed criticism of U.S. hegemony, Shii said that calls for world peace to be based on the U.N. Charter are forming the mainstream. He also commented on the role the non-aligned nations played in their effort to stop the Iraq War.

Referring to a JCP delegation visit to Cuba last year, Shii and Baraguer agreed to further increase exchanges between the two parties. (end)

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