Government asked Toyota to set tests for national license for car mechanics

It has been learned that the National Land and Transport Ministry asked Toyota Motor Corp. to submit questions for the national examination for licensed small-car mechanics.

Toyota reportedly leaked the questions to examinees from Toyota-related retailers for two straight years after the test began.

Akahata of December 14 stated that it is necessary to examine how the collusion between the state and the top car maker that chairs the Japan Business Federation has impaired the fairness of national licensing for car mechanics, a matter of life and death to consumers.

It also came to light that the ministry gave in advance the test questions to five auto makers besides Toyota.

The ministry said, "We are no equal to big car makers in technical matters", thus trying to justify their dependence on car makers.

In the first test in fiscal 2002, only 330 examinees passed the test, making the ratio of successful applicants as low as 3.6 percent. Of those who passed the test, 150 people had ties to Toyota. (end)

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