Reactions from unions and peace organizations

Labor unions and peace organizations published statements on December 9 demanding that the government cancel the "Basic Plan" approved by the Koizumi Cabinet to deploy the Self-Defense Forces to Iraq.

The National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren) stated that the decision to dispatch the SDF goes against not only the wishes of 90 percent of the people who either oppose the SDF dispatch or call on the government to be cautious about dealing with this issue.

The Central Action Committee against the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty (Anpo-Haki) pointed out that the "Basic Plan" runs counter to the efforts to restore sovereignty to the Iraqi people, assist them in reconstructing their country, and contain terrorism.

The Japan Peace Committee expressed its firm opposition to "putting the lives of SDF members in harm's way in order to meet the militaristic needs of the U.S. government."

The Japan Federation of Newspaper Workers' Union stated that Japan should "help establish a peaceful framework in compliance with international law and cooperation with the international community." (end)

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