Fuwa: JCP new Program shows Japan's course

Summarizing the achievement of the JCP 23rd Congress in the closing speech, JCP Central Committee Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo emphasized the following three points:

First, the 23rd Congress adopted a new Program as the JCP banner in the 21st century that will guide the movement for social progress in Japan with accurate analysis and alternative viewpoints of the prevailing currents in Japan and the world.

Second, the Congress adopted a Resolution which sets forth tasks and policies for the immediate struggle. Many delegates were more or less shocked by the Central Committee's call for a 30 percent increase to be achieved in Akahata readership in preparation for the House of Councilors election, but expressed their determination to achieve that goal.

Third, the Congress turned out to be a forum in which solidarity was deepened with our friends from abroad. The exchange was more than just formalities. Our guests from abroad expressed surprise at the schedule that keeps delegates in their seats for more than two hours at a time, listening attentively to speeches. The Congress thus served as a point of contact between the JCP and the world.

Fuwa, reelected by the new Central Committee as CC chair, held a news conference after the Congress and commented on the Congress as being a fruitful one. He stressed that the new JCP Program has shown the people policies for correcting distortions of society in the long term and not just as immediate tasks.

Referring to the Democratic Party of Japan, Fuwa said that the JCP is paying close attention to a major shift the DPJ has made toward establishing a two-party system and constitutional revision but that the JCP will continue common struggles in the Diet when possible. (end)

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