JCP and Kyoto residents work together to realize citizens-oriented city politics

A wide range of individuals and groups, including the Japanese Communist Party, are jointly supporting residents-oriented candidate Hirohara Moriaki in the Kyoto mayoral election to be held on February 8.

On January 23, more than 10,000 people participated in a rally organized by the Kyoto Citizens' Network to achieve the victory of Hirohara, who is a former president of Kyoto Prefectural University.

Hirohara stated that he has been calling on every individual, organization, and political party to support him. He expressed his determination by saying, "I want to bring justice and fairness into the city administration, and security and wealth into residents' lives."

Speaking on behalf of the JCP, House of Representatives member Kokuta Keiji stated that the JCP will make every effort to get Hirohara elected. (end)

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