Fuwa discusses Middle East peace and Iraq question with Egyptian ambassador

Japanese Communist Party Central Committee Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo met with Hisham Mohamed Moustafa Badr, the Egyptian ambassador to Japan, on February 23 at the JCP head office.

Egyptian ambassador Badr said he was delighted with his first visit to the JCP as Egyptian ambassador.

Referring to a JCP delegation's visit to the headquarters of the League of Arab States at the time when Badr was senior aide to the Arab League general secretary and Egypt's participation in the World Conference against A and H Bombs for the two consecutive years, Fuwa pointed out that exchanges are increasing between Japan and Egypt.

Badr responded to Fuwa, saying that he had a good discussion with the JCP delegation.

Stating that the Middle East is in a grave difficulty, Ambassador Badr severely criticized Israel for building the separation barriers in Palestine occupied territory in violation of international law.

Pointing out that the international community is not very critical of Israel's weapons of mass destruction (WMD) although the similar question with Iran and Libya is moving toward a resolution, the ambassador stressed that Egypt calls for all WMDs to be eliminated.

Expressing opposition to the double standard concerning the WMD issue, Fuwa stated, "The JCP maintains that WMD must be banned in all regions, not just the Middle East," he said.

The construction of the separation wall has "added to the serious difficulties of Palestine-Israel relations and damaged the 'road map' which Egypt has also been involved in," Fuwa said.

Outlining the recent meeting of foreign ministers from countries surrounding Iraq, Badr said that it agreed to (1) defend Iraq's unity, (2) promote an early transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqi people, and (3) respect for Iraq's right to self-determination by expelling outside intervention in Iraq. He expressed concerns that Iraq would be divided if the present state of affairs continues.

Fuwa stated that Japan's dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces to Iraq will inevitably mean destroying the Constitution because it involves the use of force abroad, and approving and justifying the occupation of Iraq by the U.S. and British forces. He explained the Japanese Communist Party position in opposition to the SDF dispatch.

Fuwa said, "By sending the SDF to Iraq, Japan is interrupting Iraq's cause for unity, restoration of sovereignty, and right to national self-determination."

Fuwa explained to the ambassador about the current political situation in Japan. Both agreed to make further exchanges and maintain friendly relations between the JCP and the Egyptian Embassy in Tokyo. (end)

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