LDP calls for new Diet committee aimed at constitutional revision

Two Liberal Democratic Party committees held a joint meeting on April 27 and approved an outline of parliamentary procedures for proposing a draft constitutional revision, including the establishment of a new standing committee in both Houses of the Diet.

The present Research Committees on the Constitution established in the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors have no right to introduce bills to the Diet.

The draft outline calls for the present Research Committees to be replaced with new committees to discuss constitutional amendments.

The outline states that Dietmembers can introduce bills to amend the Constitution if they are supported by more than 100 members in the 480-seat House of Representatives and by more than 50 members in the 247-seat House of Councilors. It also says that in each House, a committee approval of the draft requires the affirmative vote of a majority of all votes cast. (end)

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