JCP opposes three-party accord on handling pension reform

Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Ichida Tadayoshi on May 7 stated that the JCP is opposed to the agreement reached on the previous day between the ruling Liberal Democratic and Komei parties and the Democratic Party of Japan to ostensibly accelerate discussion on pension reform.

Speaking at a news conference, Ichida said, "The issue of pension reform is a serious matter that affects people's living conditions and their life plans. The JCP cannot allow such a vital question as this to be handled only by three parties."

He criticized the three parties for reneging even on the House of Representatives speaker's request that a solution be sought through discussions by all parties.

Ichida warned that the three-party agreement would pave the way for increasing the consumption tax rate from 2007.

Pointing out that the agreement keeps silent about some Dietmembers' failure to pay up pension premiums, Ichida said, "The pubic won't allow the bill to pass through the Lower House based on a predetermined schedule, with such political and social negligence left unchecked."

JCP Secretariat Head Ichida and JCP Policy Commission Chair Kokuta Keiji on the same day visited House of Representatives Speaker Kono Yohei, representing the JCP objection to the three-party agreement. (end)

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