Contingency bills must be foiled: JCP lawmaker in Upper House

The House of Councilors on May 26 began discussing the seven controversial "contingency"-related bills.

Koizumi Chikashi took the floor for questioning on behalf of the Japanese Communist Party on the same day, calling for the bill to be scrapped. "There are only several weeks allotted to the discussion of these bills that have important bearings on the Japanese Constitution and the country's future," he said.

The current Diet session will end on June 16.

On the agenda are the seven bills which include a bill to ensure that Japan will cooperate with U.S. forces in the event of emergencies and a bill to 'protect' the nation's citizens. Three related international treaties are also up for ratification.

Citing the stated government view that "there is very little probability that Japan will be attacked," Koizumi pointed out that the contingency bills are designed to mobilize the Self-Defense Forces and the public to deal with "situations in areas surrounding Japan", meaning U.S. wars that have nothing to do with defending Japan.

The JCP Dietmember said, "The bill on the use of designated public facilities such as airports and harbors, if enacted, will conflict with the 'Kobe City formula' that only allows foreign ships with 'non-nuclear certification' into Kobe Port. It will infringe on local autonomy."

"Japan should take further initiatives in the international arena based on the Constitution's Article 9 that prohibits Japan from committing itself in so-called emergencies," Koizumi concluded.

A representative of the Democratic Party stated that the party is pushing contingency legislation while consulting with the government parties. This statement was welcomed by a government Komei Party lawmaker. (end)

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