JCP strives to help reconstruct rain-affected area

The Japanese Communist Party on July 22 requested that the government take relief measures for areas affected by heavy rains in response to the needs of victims and municipalities in Niigata, Fukui, and Fukushima prefectures.

JCP Lower House member Takahashi Chizuko and JCP Upper House member Daimon Mikishi visited Inoue Kiichi, state minister in charge of disaster prevention, and presented him with a 13-point JCP proposal.

The JCP set up the task force headed by Takahashi to investigate damages, collect requests of disaster-affected residents, and support their reconstruction efforts.

On July 20, Takahashi and other members of the JCP task force visited the heavily-damaged Miyama Town in Fukui Prefecture. Mayor Aritsuka Tatsuro requested Takahashi to establish a cross-party cooperation in the Diet to provide the budget for reconstruction.

On July 21, JCP Dietmembers made representations to several ministries requesting the government to help reconstruct the areas hit by heavy rains and floods in Niigata, Fukushima, and Fukui prefectures.

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The Democratic Youth League Fukui Prefectural Committee is organizing a group of young volunteers to help elderly residents clear mud and debris from their houses. (end)

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