JCP leaders call for systematic grassroots effort to make the party known to the people

The Japanese Communist Party held a speech assembly on July 21 in Tokyo to mark its 82nd founding anniversary (July 15). About 2,400 people listened to JCP CC Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo and JCP Executive Committee Chair Shii Kazuo. The speeches were broadcast nationally via the communication satellite system.

Speaking on the Upper House election results and future political tasks, Shii emphasized that JCP policies put forward in the election campaign were on target and in the interests of the people, but that the party fell short of achieving a tangible result due to complicated and difficult conditions. He added that the JCP setback at this time must not be taken as something inevitable, should be viewed in the light of objective political conditions, and that the JCP will examine the problems associated with its activities.

Shii said that as part of its opposition to the "two major parties", the JCP will put emphasis on the struggle against a consumption tax rate increase and an adverse revision of the Constitution, continue to make the JCP Program and policies for remaking Japan known to the people, and increase the grassroots strength to develop a new momentum.

JCP Central Committee Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo's speech was on the significance of the new JCP Program and the characteristics of the present political situation.

Referring to the discrepancy between the favorable reactions the JCP had from voters during the election campaign and the JCP setback, Fuwa said the Liberal Democratic Party which is now in crisis is trying hard to maintain its grip on politics within the LDP framework, making it necessary for them to stop any further JCP advance.

Fuwa said that the task now is for the JCP to create a new people-first politics in opposition to the argument calling for a "two-party system." He said that the new JCP Program should be used as a political guide in dealing with changing conditions and showing the perspective for a future society beyond capitalism.

The JCP CC Chair Fuwa said that the task requires JCP members to reach out to the people on a day-to-day basis to make the JCP known to them. (end)

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