Scientists discuss abolishing nuclear weapons and slowing down environmental destruction

About 140 scientists, researchers and citizens held a meeting on the eve of the 2004 World Conference against A & H Bombs on August 1 in Osaka City to discuss ways to contribute to building a world without nuclear weapons or further environmental destruction.

On behalf of the organizing committee, Nakagawa Masuo, professor emeritus of Kagawa University, opened the gathering by stating, "At a time when the tendency is increasing to try to settle disputes with violence, we will explore peaceful coexistence of all humanity." He called for more scientists' actions to help achieve the earliest possible elimination of nuclear weapons.

Kameyama Toitsu from the Japan Scientists' Association Okinawa Branch called for a far-reaching solution to the problems of U.S. military bases in Okinawa and elsewhere in Japan.

Alice Slater, president of the U.S. Global Research Action Center for the Environment, attended the meeting and said that scientists can either do good or harm to nature. (end)

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