Direct ties between farmers and consumers over safe food sought

The National Federation of Farmers Movement (Nominren) and the National Council of Producers' Direct Sales Movement held a meeting on August 3 in Tokyo to establish a network for supplying safe farm products to consumers directly from producers and help to increase food self-sufficiency rates.

Starting up the network has been prepared for a year as part of the effort to avert the adverse effects of the Koizumi Cabinet's policy of opening the market to foreign farm products and of abolishing price guarantees for Japanese farmers.

Speaking on behalf of the preparatory committee, Nominren President Sasaki Kenzo said that building a national network of growers and users over safe food will help to overcome the government policy.

The meeting adopted a constitution of the network and elected 18 board members. It is expected that the network between farmers and consumers will mark a new epoch for Nominren. (end)

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