LDP and Komei reject bill to revoke pension law

The Liberal Democratic and Komei parties in the House of Representatives Health, Labor, and Welfare Committee meeting on August 4 rejected a bill submitted by the Democratic Party of Japan to revoke the adversely revised pension law.

Speaking in favor of the revocation bill, Yamaguchi Tomio, Japanese Communist Party representative in the committee, said that the revised law which is based on disinformation and has more than 40 textual errors, to which 80 percent of the public are opposed, should be retracted. He said that the legislative body must accept this popular call, retract the adversely revised law, and start discussion for establishing a truly reliable pension system.

The JCP supported the DPJ proposal simply for its call for the revised pension law to be retracted. It does not mean that the JCP supports a DPJ plan for a consumption tax increase to fund the pension system. (end)

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