2004 World Conference against A & H Bombs ends in Nagasaki

The 2004 World Conference against A & H Bombs closed all its 8-day sessions on August 9 in Nagasaki City, carving out a new future of joint efforts among non-nuclear governments, municipalities, NGOs, and citizens for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

All international delegates, including government representatives, renewed their resolution to immediately start campaigns in preparation for the 60th anniversary of A-bombings of Japan and the NPT Review Conference next year.

Speaking at the closing plenary on behalf of the Japan Confederation of A & H Bombs Sufferers Organizations, A-bomb survivor Yamaguchi Senji criticized U.S. nuclear policy as well as Japan's acceptance of such a policy. Many participants gave a standing ovation when he said, "I want a world free of nuclear weapons. I want to stay alive to mobilize all the capacities of peace-loving people for Hibakusha's wishes to come true at the earliest possible time."

The plenary meeting adopted the Nagasaki resolution, "a letter to world governments", calling for efforts to abolish nuclear weapons (For the full text of the letter, see separate item.).

At a forum titled "Working together for a World without Nuclear Weapons and without War - Toward the 60th year of the A-bombings" held on the previous day in the city, about 500 participants, including the government officials and representatives of NGOs, discussed the importance of common action by the world's governments seeking the abolition of nuclear weapons, NGOs, and citizens. They also agreed on the significance of informing the world of the damages and after effects of the A-bombings. (end)

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