Okada reelected as DPJ leader

Democratic Party of Japan President Okada Katsuya was reelected unopposed as the party's leader on August 30. His re-election will be officially confirmed at an extraordinary party convention on September 13.

Commenting on Okada's reelection on the same day, Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Ichida Tadayoshi said that although a DPJ advance in the recent House of Councilors election was helped by voters' wishes to put an end to Prime Minister Koizumi's government, Okada clearly expressed his view in favor of revising the Constitution to allow the Self-Defense Forces to use force abroad and increasing a consumption tax increase ostensibly to cover national expenditure for social welfare.

Criticizing Okada for competing with the Koizumi government for undemocratic politics in disregard of citizens' aspirations expressed in the Upper House election, Ichida said, "The JCP will try to reveal how dangerous the current move to set up a two-party system is for the people's living conditions and to clearly make known our possition inside and outside the Diet."

Asked about the possibility of cooperation between opposition parties, Ichida said that despite differences over basic issues, the JCP is willing to cooperate with others parties on demands that may be agreed upon. (end)

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