Okinawan college students call for 'black wall7 burned by U.S. military helicopter crash to be preserved

Students at the Okinawa International University on October 7 submitted to the university president about 4,500 signatures calling for the preservation of the wall which was burnt when a U.S. military helicopter crashed at their university on August 13.

They have collected signatures in support of their demand that the wall of the main building be preserved in order to remember the accident and encourage the movement demanding the closure of the U.S. Marine Corps Futenma Air Station where the crashed helicopter took off from.

Representatives of the students said to the president, "Removing the base to guarantee safety is necessary to heal the wounds residents experienced in the accident."

Saying that what the students are calling for is very significant, President Toguchi Tomoaki responded, "We want to preserve the wall in one way or another, at least a part of it," although there are some problems to be solved, including the cost and the limited college space. (end)

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