JCP Fuwa receives new Chinese ambassador

Japanese Communist Party Central Committee Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo and Secretariat Head Ichida Tadayoshi received Wang Yi, the newly appointed Chinese Ambassador to Japan, on October 6 at the JCP head office in Tokyo.

Stressing the importance of building a healthy Japan-China relationship, Wang said that these are three elements that are important for achieving that goal based on political statements agreed upon between the two countries, including the Japan-China Joint Communique: learn lessons from history; promote reciprocal cooperation; and contribute to the development of the Asian region as a whole.

Fuwa stressed the need to view Japan-China relations within the context of the development of the Asian region. He stated that at the International Conference of Asian Political Parties in September in Beijing, he was impressed to see Asia as a whole making progress toward peace and cooperation.

Fuwa said, "Japan-China relations have been greatly developed in terms of the economy and mutual visits. I am sure that in the long run, the present political obstacles will be removed, paving the way for the future development of solid Japan-China relations." (end)

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