JCP team discusses relief measures with Niigata Prefecture vice governor

Representatives of the Japanese Communist Party Niigata Prefectural Committee on October 25 visited Niigata Prefecture Vice Governor Kawakami Tadayoshi and discussed immediate relief measures for the quake victims.

The JCP team that included former Dietmembers Kijima Hideo and Kasai Akira had this meeting after visiting the disaster areas devastated by the October 23 earthquake.

As quake victims stays at emergency shelters are likely to continue for a long time, the JCP representatives requested the vice governor to urgently secure relief goods from other prefectures and restore the disrupted transportation systems.

They also informed him of the victims' pressing demands, including securing a sufficient number of local government personnel helping in relief efforts, restoring utilities - electricity, gas, and water, and building temporary housing. They said that temporary housing units are necessary along with measures that care for the elderly and infants, taking into account the heavy snowfall and cold weather peculiar to the areas.

The vice governor said, "Our reconstruction efforts hinge on central government compensation for the loss of victims' personal properties. We ask you to help with the reconstruction efforts."

Strong aftershocks still continue in the affected areas, and some 100,000 evacuees are forced to live in shelters. The delay in the restoration of utility services and the shortage of food and other supplies are increasing the insecurity of the victims who are in constant fear of further disasters and hardships. (end)

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