Zenroren calls for early settlement of labor disputes

The National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren) and the Tokyo Regional Council of Trade Unions have carried out a campaign in a bid to settle all labor disputes now being fought in court.

Thirty-eight supporting groups from throughout Japan on October 29 converged in front of large companies and relevant ministries in Tokyo, demanding that they accept social responsibility and settle all the labor disputes as soon as possible.

At Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., Tanao Setsuko, who was a leader of the plaintiffs in the case that ended victoriously on October 15 over Nomura's discrimination in wages and promotions against woman workers, said, "Since the victorious out-of-court settlement, I've felt a surge of pride because many workers congratulate us, the plaintiffs. But at the same time there's concern over whether or not this settlement will be available for all woman workers. I'll do everything I can to establish worker-friendly workshops, regardless of sex."

At the Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation Ministry, about 500 workers and supporters in a lawsuit over Japan Railways discrimination against 1,047 union workers called for an early settlement of the case. Stressing that a call for corporate social responsibility is now growing in the world, Zenroren President Kumagai Kanemichi called on them to make efforts to achieve settlement of all labor disputes. (end)

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