Police inspector admits to shadowing government employee

A Tokyo police inspector has admitted to shadowing a government employee who was unjustly arrested and indicted on charges of violating the National Public Service Law, apparently in an attempt to deal a heavy blow to the Japanese Communist Party.

Terada Moritaka, a Tokyo Metropolitan Police Agency inspector, verified this under testimony on November 17 at the Tokyo District Court.

Horikoshi Akio, an employee of the Social Insurance Agency, was arrested and indicted after distributing door to door copies of an extra of Akahata, the Japanese Communist Party newspaper while using his holidays.

Terada, who followed Horikoshi for several months, admitted that he had mobilized up to eleven police officers and used four cars and cameras not only during Horikoshi`s distribution of flyers but also on his way to work as well as in theaters and restaurants.

He also admitted that police were investigating Horikoshi s wife and a JCP local assembly member, hoping to arrest them on charges of helping Horikoshi. In fact, police searched the office of the JCP Chiyoda District Committee following Horikoshi's arrest. (end)

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