Former prime minister admits to receiving 100 million yen

Former Prime Minister Hashimoto Ryutaro on November 30 effectively admitted that he had received a 100 million yen donation from a dental association. At a closed session of the Diet political ethics committee, he stated, "It may be true, but I don't remember."

Hashimoto reportedly denied his involvement in the decision to not include the donation in the faction's financial report.

The former prime minister's faction in 2001 allegedly received a check for 100 million yen from the Japan Dentists' Federation, the political arm of the Japan Dental Association, and failed to list the donation in its financial report to the government.

Japanese Communist Party Diet Policy Committee Chair Kokuta Keiji, who attended Hashimoto's testimony, said at a press conference, "The testimony could not meet citizens' demands because he did not come clean regarding why the 100 million yen was donated and how it was used." Kokuta called for summoning of witnesses in order to find the truth. (end)

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