JCP calls for talks, not sanctions against North Korea

The Japanese Communist Party in parliament reiterated its call for the effort to continue talks instead of resorting to economic sanctions against North Korea to resolve the issue of North Korea's abduction of Japanese nationals.

At the Lower House ad hoc committee on the abduction issue on December 2, JCP representative Akamine Seiken said, "It is important to seek to establish the truth through discussions (with North Korea) based on the result of the 3rd working-level talks in November in Pyongyang."

Akamine argued that the call for "sanctions" not only conflicts with the agreement of the six-party talks on North Korea but also shuts the door to settling the question of abduction and alleged nuclear development in North Korea.

He also said that the emerging argument calling for the suspension of food aid to North Korea will undermine the government's position in the world. "The abduction issue and food assistance are completely different issues," he stressed. (end)

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