Citizens' organization criticizes political interference in media

Violence Against Women in War-Network Japan (VAWW-NET Japan) on January 12 published a statement calling for the resignation of Liberal Democratic Party Dietmembers Abe Shinzo and Nakagawa Shoichi, alleging that they put pressure on NHK to change part of a TV program on a mock trial on the wartime sex slavery system.

At a press conference, VAWW-NET Japan Co-chair Nishino Rumiko said, "Politicians' interference in a public TV program amounts to violating the Broadcast Law that guarantees the autonomy of broadcasting stations. It is also a grave violation of the Constitutional freedom of expression and the press."

"We are impressed by the fact that the truth was brought to light by a whistle-blower," said Nishino, stressing that the whistle-blower must not be pressured to recant by an in-house "force".

VAWW-NET Japan representatives criticized NHK for repeatedly insisting in court that it was never influenced by outside forces and demanded the resignation of NHK President Ebisawa Katsuji. (end)

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