All JCP candidates returned in two local elections

Nine Japanese Communist Party candidates were returned in the January 23 local assembly members elections in two medium-sized cities, Ibaragi in Osaka and Kurashiki in Okayama.

In Ibaragi, the JCP criticized the city administration under "all the ruling parties except the JCP" for sticking to plans to construct an unnecessary dam while imposing on citizens additional public utility charges over 21 items.

In Kurashiki, the "all the ruling parties except the JCP" is pushing ahead with a plan to redevelop the JR Kurashiki Station area using 70 billion yen. The JCP demanded that tax money should not be wasted but used for better welfare services and education.

Last year, when a major typhoon hit Kurashiki City, JCP assembly members lost no time in relieving disaster victims who tried to contact the city government. (end)

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