JCP complains to public prosecutor general of biased prosecution

The Japanese Communist Party has made representations to Public Prosecutor General Matsuo Kunihiro, demanding that prosecution should be strict and fair.

On January 19, JCP Policy Commission chair and House of Representatives member Koike Akira visited the Supreme Prosecutor's Office and handed in a statement in which the JCP criticized the indictment of a citizen who distributed JCP flyers as a flagrant abuse of the right of prosecution. The statement said that his act had nothing to do with a crime and that he was only exercising his basic rights.

The JCP also criticized public prosecutors for not indicting politicians involved in the covert donation of 100 million yen to the Liberal Democratic Party's Hashimoto faction, although prosecutors are prohibited from being influenced by the interests of particular political parties or politicians.

The JCP requested that public prosecutors stop their abuse of authority in investigation and prosecution in violation of fundamental human rights. The JCP also requested that public prosecutors exercise their rights to rigorously investigate and prosecute those politicians of ruling parties and government officials who violated laws. (end)

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