Teachers union resolves to increase struggle to defend equality in education and peace

The All Japan Teachers and Staff Union (Zenkyo) held its 22nd annual convention on February 11-13 in Tokyo, placing major emphasis on the struggle to thwart the adverse revision of the Fundamental Law of Education.

Zenkyo President Ishimoto Iwao called on teachers to increase the movement to prevent a bill to revise the basic education law from being introduced in the Diet, noting that the government is increasing moves to adversely revise both the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education.

Many in the discussion pointed out that the "educational reform" plan set forth by the government is one that would serve to provide education for a selected few to become elites, instead of promoting constitutional rights to receive education. Delegates through discussion became more confident that this scheme is closely related to the attempt to adversely change the Constitution and the basic education law.

A delegate from Hyogo Prefecture reported about Akashi citizens' experience of distributing 100,000 handbills to thwart the Akashi City administration's attempt to expose high schools to competition and selectivity. Delegates from other areas also spoke about citizens' movements concerning education.

Japanese Communist Party House of Representatives member Ishii Ikuko gave a guest speech.

The convention decided to hold a major rally of 10,000 people on March 26 in Tokyo. (end)

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