Gensuikyo sends a letter to NPT Chair

The Japan Council against A & H Bombs (Japan Gensuikyo) on February 7 sent a solidarity message to Sˇrgio Duarte, ambassador of Brazil for disarmament and non-proliferation, who was visiting Japan.

Ambassador Duarte, who will chair the 2005 NPT Review Conference, is visiting various countries calling for their efforts to abolish nuclear weapons.

In the letter, Secretary General Takakusagi Hiroshi expressed his respect for Duarte's intense effort, and said, "As a movement of the people who have a national experience of the tragedy of the atomic bombing, we are calling on the nuclear weapons states and all the other governments to remain committed to and effectuate the 'unequivocal undertaking' to accomplish the complete elimination of the nuclear arsenals and the other agreements reached by the previous NPT Review Conference in 2000."

Takakusagi added that Gensuikyo is holding signature campaign "Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, Now" so that Japanese delegates will be able to present "tens of millions of signatures" to the NPT Review Conference on May 2, the first day of the conference. He ended the letter by stating, "We hope that our common effort for a nuclear weapon-free world will bear fruit." (end)

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