Diet action held to defend people's living conditions

On February 16, more than 200 people converged on the Diet building in protest against an adverse revision of the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education as well as the government plan to impose further burdens on citizens.

The action was organized by the People's Big Movement Organizing Committee, the Central Council for Promotion of Social Security, and the Central Action Committee against the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty.

At the visitor entrance of the Diet building, members of organizations, including the New Japan Women's Association, the National Federation of Merchant and Industrialist's Organizations, and the Japan Federation of Democratic Medical Institutions, spoke.

A representative of the All Japan Pensioners' Union said, "One member who is withdrawing money from his savings because he can't live on his pension alone said he will deplete his savings in a few years. The policy is cruel." Japanese Communist Party member of the Lower House Akamine Seiken reported on Diet discussions. (end)

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