Zengakuren convention: Stop university tuition increase

The All Japan Federation of Student Unions (Zengakuren) at its annual convention called for a national struggle to stop tuition increase plans and demand a drastic increase in state funding for higher education.

The convention held on March 4-6 in Tokyo called for collecting signatures in opposition to fee increase plans while developing cooperation with many various circles of students and holding talks with professors' unions and boards of directors of universities.

In the past year, Zengakuren collected about 22,000 signatures calling for anti-fee hikes and increases in state budgets, including 1,000 signatures from the Tokyo University Liberal Arts student union, and to this end held a national rally last July, following the one held seven years ago.

Tuition increase plans were suspended at the following universities: Tokyo Keizai, Rissho, and other private universities, and Shiga, a state-run university.

A Ritsumeikan University student reported that 400 students attended a lecture meeting sponsored by the newly established "Article 9 Association-Ritsumei" where critic Oda Makoto and Miki Mutsuko, former Prime Minister Miki Takeo's wife spoke.

The convention demanded that the government not raise state-run university tuitions, increase state subsidies to private universities and scholarships, and drastically raise university budgets.

The convention's special resolution calls on 2 million students to rise in action to defend the Fundamental Law of Education in order to secure an equal educational opportunity.

The convention reelected Chiba Tatsuo as Zengakuren chair. (end)

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