Rally held to block revision of Fundamental Law of Education

About 5,500 teachers and students took part in a rally and demonstration in Tokyo on May 7 in protest against an adverse revision of the Fundamental Law of Education.

Kato Shuichi, critic and representative of the Article 9 Association, said in his speech, "As we defend Article 9 of the Constitution, we must also defend the Fundamental Law of Education in order to educate citizens about how to embody the spirit of Article 9."

Participants from various parts of Japan reported on their local activities in defense of the education law. A representative of the Shizuoka Association against Revision of the Fundamental Law of Education talked about local efforts, including organizing small assemblies and lobbying the Dietmembers elected in the prefecture by sending them postcards.

A Matsuyama University graduate from Ehime Prefecture appeared on the stage with about ten students and said, "Revising the Fundamental Law of Education is to create a society which does not fully treat everyone as human beings. If we fail to let the public know how dangerous it is to allow the law to be adversely revised, we will face disastrous consequences." -Akahata May 8, 2005

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