Fuwa holds talks with German Party of Democratic Socialism honorary chair

Japanese Communist Party Central Committee Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo held talks on May 30 with Hans Modrow, German Party of Democratic Socialism honorary chair, at the JCP head office in Tokyo.

In their meeting, the first in ten and half years, they discussed the political situation in Germany and the rest of Europe, capitalism as it now stands, and theoretical questions regarding the path to socialism.

Referring to the changing political situation in Germany as seen in the defeat of the SDP in provincial assembly elections in May, the "criticism of capitalism " by the SDP leader, as well as in the moves to establish a new left party, Modrow said a major discussion is taking place over how to mobilize left-wing forces toward a general election scheduled for September.

In the context of the capitalist changes that took place after the collapse of the Soviet-East European bloc, Modrow pointed out the importance of Marxist analysis of capitalism with a view to offering a perspective of socialism in Europe, admitting that the DSP research of capitalism is at an initial stage.

Fuwa said that after the demise of the Soviet Union and East Europe, the United States praised the "victory of capitalism" but has had to face serious obstacles such as the split of western allies against outrageous U.S. unilateralism and progressive developments in Asian, Latin American, and African countries.

He said that during the 21st century, moves to pursue a new society beyond the boundary of capitalism will develop worldwide, with reference to the quest in Japan for a socialist future with its highly developed market. Stating that what Marx actually pursued is the overall human development in a future society, Fuwa said that the result of the quest has taken shape in the new Japanese Communist Party Program. He added that this viewpoint has encouraged young people and the social progressive undertaking in Japan. - Akahata, May 31, 2005

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